Tonic Customer DNS Validation

Before your domain name in .TO will work, you (or your ISP) have to set up a primary and secondary DNS server. Just like Network Solutions does for .COM, Tonic delegates authority for its second level domains in .TO. It is your responsibility to run a nameserver with an A record and an SOA record for your .TO domain name. If you don't understand what this means, please ask your ISP, they will know.

Once you have set up your nameservers, you can return to our Edit DNS page to give us the names and IP addresses of these nameservers. Note that the primary zonefile for .TO is refreshed 4 times daily.

When all this is set up, your name should be fully operational.

To test whether you have set up DNS properly, simply type your domain name (without the .TO) in the box below and press the submit button: